Oregon Brain Preservation
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Paperwork can be returned by mail or by scanning and emailing. Contact Us. Online forms coming soon.


Next of Kin Preservation

Use these forms if you are working with us to preserve a loved one.

Sign and return a Preservation Agreement  (or Web Form)

Sign and return a Document of Authorization.


Self Preservation

Use these forms to preserve yourself. We are very busy working on being able to offer membership. There will be no initial or annual cost.

Sign and return a Preservation Agreement  (or Web Form)

Sign and return a Document of Gift and Informed Consent.


The fees below apply both to Patients and to Next of Kin preservations. Fees do not need to be paid prior to service except in the case of cryopreservation services. The normal fees may be reduced on an individual basis if your financial situation necessitates it.


Chemical Preservation

This is our standard and best procedure for preserving the structure of the brain.

Driving within 60 miles of Salem: $1000

Driving within 300 miles of Salem: $1500

Flying distance:

Pacific Time Zone: $3500

Mountain Time Zone: $4000

Central Time Zone: $4500

Eastern Time Zone: $5000

We will send pathology specialist(s) out to you and perform the procedure in a local funeral home. Our professionals will remove the brain for preservation and transport back to our facilty to be stored permanently in liquid at refrigerator temperature. There are no additional fees for transportation or for cremation of the body. The cost is kept low by being partly subsidized by us, so donations are welcome. The costs may rise in the future as funeral services or transport become more expensive or if our current philanthropic support runs out. Any Standby services would be an additional cost.


Alternatively, individuals anywhere in the world are welcome to work with skilled local professionals such as pathologists to perform the chemical brain preservation procedure. In this case, once the appropriate paperwork is filled out, the fixed brain can be shipped to our facility and we will accept the patient for long-term preservation at no charge.


Research Program

Our research program is open to individuals in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. This is the same brain preservation procedure, with the goal of future revival if this ever becomes feasible and humane. The difference is that we will also remove two small biopsy samples, which will be transferred to our partner non-profit organization, Apex Neuroscience, to measure the preservation quality and contribute to neuroscience research. Although there are no guarantees, we do not expect these biopsies to significantly affect memories or personality. There is no cost for brain preservation if this option is chosen. There are no additional fees for transportation or for cremation of the body. Our current exclusion criteria for this program are more than 3 days after legal death without refrigeration, more than 14 days after legal death with refrigeration, or direct evidence of brain liquefaction. An additional non-required option is consent for DNA profiling, to further help research into the causes of brain disorders. To sign up for the program, please complete the appropriate above paperwork (Self Preservation or Next of Kin) and the form below.


Sign and return a Research Donation Agreement (or Web form)


Any individuals not in Oregon are also welcome to sign the Research Donation Agreement if they would like to donate two small biopsy samples from their preserved brain to our current scientific research projects.



This is rarely done. This might apply if the body was straight frozen and liquid storage is not an option. It might also apply if the donor prefers cryopreservation rather than the standard chemical preservation for some reason.

Add $15,000 cryopreservation of the entire head.

Add $5,000 for cryopreservation of the brain only.

We do not offer whole body preservation services of any kind.


Standby or Transportation

The fees above do not include any Standby expenses. 


Pet Preservation

Pet Preservation



Procedure Overview