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Document of Authorization

Whole body (use this one, if possible): Document of Authorization (or sign and return a Paper Version)

or Brain only: Document of Authorization-Brain (or sign and return a Paper Version)


The Document of Authorization is used by the legal Next of Kin to authorize "anatomical donation" of the patient's body.  There are a lot of required disclosures on the form in order to make sure the Authorizing Person is fully informed.  The disclosures were obviously not designed with cryonics in mind.  The large text in section 7 is required to be that size by Oregon Law.


Definition of an Authorizing Person:  There is a legal definition for who is authorized to make the anatomical gift.  The statutes are nearly identical in all states, and it can be looked up if there is any question.  There is a specific order, which is generally spouse, adult child, parent, adult sibling, adult grandchild, etc.  A person from the highest class reasonably available is authorized to make the gift.  If there is disagreement within a class -- children, for example -- the gift may be made only by a majority of the members of the class who are reasonably available.  Amendment or revocation of a gift may be made by a member of a prior class who becomes available or by at least 50% of members within a class.  So 2 of 4 children would not be enough to make a gift, but would be enough to revoke a gift.  A revocation is only effective before any invasive procedures have begun on the patient.