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Manual - Transportation

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Move the body onto a wheeled stretcher.  Move to Vehicle and begin procedure.




Chemical Preservation

Sometimes, only the brain will be sent to us.  A hospital pathologist, forensic autopsy technician, or other similar person will arrange the transportation by following these instructions:



We must ship the box to them.  Prepare the shipping container as follows:



Box: 10x10x10 double wall corrugated cardboard, ULine S-4105

Plastic container: 1.25 gallon, ULine S-18114W

Tape: Clear packing

Paper towel: Roll of generic commercial unperforated

Packing Paper: example U-haul

Ziploc bag: 2 gal



1. Tape bottom of box, all three seams, with >6" tails on sides.

2. Rip paper towel into three-foot sections, and wad to fill plastic container to medium firmness.

3. Place plastic container in box.

4. Place plastic lid on container without screwing.

5. Crumple packing paper, one sheet at a time, and pack to medium firmness around plastic container.

6. Place Ziploc bag, instructions, and next day return label on top.  Description: "non-hazardous sample".

7. Tape shut, tape label on top, and send by ground or second-day air, depending on urgency.

8. Make commlog entry in chart that it was sent.

9. Notify recipient of when it will arrive.